Our District is Effective & Efficient.

As reported by Jeanne Ives (former Republican gubernatorial candidate) at a recent Town Hall meeting, our community is 78th in costs/taxpayer expenses (out of 89), but currently ranks 8th in the state for quality!

That means we spend LESS than most on schools, but we have a TOP 10 quality result!

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The Referendum Passed 11/6/2018! A new school is approved!

Janet Shaw's lawsuit efforted by outsiders and public education detractors delayed the plan. It also cost the Taxpayers of the District legal fees, time, and potentially added expenditures to School construction. Those added costs are not yet fully known, but when they are, we will update this information.

But by an overwhelming margin, the District sent a message: We need this issue resolved, this is the best and least costly plan, and WE should make our decisions...not outsiders who have ulterior motives not in the best interest of our community or children.

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Next Steps

The Board will be taking steps to move forward on construction of the new School. More info and dates to follow.

We will be watching to make sure outsiders do not cause further delays. We are also prepared to take legal action to protect the approved plan.

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We have waited too long....over 5 years...

Jefferson School serves some of the most vulnerable students in the District. The staff and teachers do incredible work in the most difficult of circumstances.  The existing school is unable to support them in their key role in the first teaching years of our children. Moreover, the building places children in potential danger, and has subjected the District to failing marks from state review.

The building is an embarrassment to the District and Wheaton, which has negative impacts on our School District and City reputation. This also has negative impacts upon property values, as our school ratings are a large factor for new families in choosing Wheaton.

Under the guise of fiscal supervision and the otherwise noble goal of taxpayer protection, a select few headed by Janet Shaw and others not even part of our District have prevented ANY solution from being implemented. Their shady efforts have cost us years and many thousands of dollars unnecessarily.  Meanwhile, our children and our City pays the price.


How can you help?

Please join us to help make Jefferson School the best it can be!